Q. Can I come visit the farm?

A. Though we would love to be able to show everyone around, we are a working farm and no longer allow visitors except for folks who have signed up for our full service wedding option.  If you're eager to see our operation, we do have one open house event each year and will be offering workshops in the near future. Stay tuned!

Q. Can I have peonies in my August wedding?

A. I'm sorry, but peonies are only in season for us West coast growers until late June. May I suggest garden roses in place of the peonies? They are available from spring to fall and have the same lush, full look (and great smell!) of a peony.

Q. What rentals do you have?

A. I have a collection of vessels, chuppah poles, satellites, bottles, etc which are available for rent.

Q. Are rentals included in the cost of the designs?

A. The cost of rentals will be included in the estimate and designated as such.

Q. Will you travel for an out of town wedding?

A. Yes! I love traveling and am happy to discuss doing a wedding further afield.

Q. How many flowers in a bulk bucket?

A. There are approximately 50 stems of flowers and foliage of your color choice in the bulk buckets.